14 July 2017

Ayuda Una Familia visited Juanas house after she came to the supermarket looking for help.

7 children live in this house. There is one single bed in the house.

5 young children (under the age of 5) sleep in the bed with the green cover.

The rest of the family sleep on 3 sofas.

The toilet is in a very bad state. The family cannot afford a shower head. There is mould and humidity on the ceiling.

The house has no light bulbs apart from in the bathroom and the fridge.

Juana told us that she opens the fridge at night so that the family can see.

In the photos you can see Conor Hannah, the founder of Ayuda Una Familia.

The house is provided by the town hall of Paterna, Valencia and the family pay 10 in rent each month.

Ayuda Una Familia is now working with this family to provide beds, microwave, lighting, painting. More photos will follow of the improvements.